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. >>> the weekend ahead is not ray's last ride. >> the day that marks hillary clinton's last day as the secretary of state. >>> this day in history, we look back at the columbia disaster that killed seven and rocked the space program. >>> everything is up to speed here at 395 downtown. what traffic looks like on 83 and 695 on good morning maryland. what a great way to start this purple friday. there is more next. >>> taking a look at the stories happening in our area. and the state's case against the man accused of killing barnes barnes. more witnesses will be called to the scene. they listened to the phone calls between michael johnson and offed -- loved ones. he talks about sentences for murder and moving to a country where he could not be extradited. the conversations do not provide any evidence to anything. we will be in court. we'll have updates can you follow us on abc 2 as well. >> this is space shuttle. a result of the loss of communication with columbia. >> seeing inside mission control in 2003. seven astronauts were supposed to be returning home. the country is remembering thos
on february 1st, replacing hillary clinton who stepped down. his first full day of work was monday. kerry will be sworn in by the vice president later on today. >>> it appears his own man may be getting even bigger >> i know. this story is something. we're going to show you a creation that is larger than life. take a look, see if you can figure this out. it took an engineer in idaho about three weeks to pild this giant snowman. he says he collected the snow from 16 neighborhood driveways. i bet that made those people happy. the hat is made out of a garbage can to give you an idea of how big it is, his eyes plastic buckets and his nose is a traffic cone. the buttons, by the way, are made out of oil pans. >> so some of the wider shots of this, lynette, we've had some criticism in the newsroom that the grass is all green, the roofs are all bare and there's no snow around. so how is this snowman remaining so stable? >> because it's still cold. >> you should hang out in the newsroom. >> it's still cold out there. we're dealing with cold temperatures this morning. these temperatures below freez
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2